Metal Mayhem Episode #32 -11/10/12

1. Ceremonial Castings- Into The Black Forest Of Witchery

2. Vesperian Sorrow- An Empire To Mourn

3. Rhapsody Of Fire- Knightrider Of Doom

4. Blasphemer- Dining Upon The Unburied

5. Naglfar- A Departure In Solitude/Diabolical: The Devil's Child

6. Sodom- City Of God

7. Woods Of Ypres- Wet Leather

8. Sepultura- Stronger Than Hate

9. Galloglass- Dragon's Revenge

10. Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult- Nocturnal March

11. Perversor- Victory Of The Legions Of The Damned

12. Asbel- Throne Of The Forsaken

13. Celestial Season- Soft Embalmer Of The Still Midnight

14. Alice In Chains- Nutshell

15. Metallica- All Nightmare Long

16. Lacuna Coil- The Secret

17. Malevolent Creation- Remnants Of Withered Decay

18. Stratovarius- Rebel

19. Stratovarius- Eternity

20. Slaughter- Eye To Eye

21. Battle Beast- Enter The Metal World

22. Destruction- Total Desaster

23. Mindrot- Anguish

24. Onward- The Kindness Of Strangers

25. Mudvayne- Not Falling

26. Deicide- Dead By Dawn

27. Nile- Lashed To The Slave Stick

28. Moonfrost- Endless Conquest

29. Disgorge- She Lay Gutted

30. Manticora- Dragon's Mist

31. Meshuggah- This Spiteful Snake

32. Leviathan- Just Under The Tainted Grace

33. Pantera- Hollow

34. Brutal Truth- Denial Of Existence

35. Abigor- Spektrale Schattenlichter

36. Burzum- My Journey To The Stars (Re-recorded Version)

37. Decapitated- Way To Salvation

38. Cradle Of Filth- Nymphetamine (Fix)

39. ReinXeed- Terror Has Begun

40. Necrophobic- The Nocturnal Silence

41. Life Of Agony- The Stair Remains

42. Metal Church- Watch The Children Pray

43. Yob- Ball Of Molten Lead

44. Fairyland- Fight For Your King

45. Cattle Decapitation- Unintelligent Design

46. Bestial Warlust- Storming Vengeance

47. Goratory- The Wrath Piper's Pit

48. Macabre- Montreal Massacre

49. Exodus- A Lesson In Violence

50. Skinless- The Optimist

51. Motley Crue- Starry Eyes

52. Cathedral- Imprisoned In Flesh

53. Cathedral- Dust Of Paradise

54. Melvins- Roadbull

55. Crowbar- Suffering Brings Wisdom

56. Amorphis- Shaman

57. Mouth Of The Architect- Harboring An Apparition

58. Imperial Crystalline Entombment- Behold Thy Frozen Arctic Kingdom