Metal Mayhem Episode #30: "Gothic Halloween Special" -10/27/12

1. Bauhaus- She's In Parties

2. Dawn Of Ashes w/ Suicide Commando- Angels

3. Deine Lakaien- Kiss The Future

4. L'Ame Immortelle- Lake Of Tears

5. Zombie Girl- Halloween

6. London After Midnight- Kiss

7. The Birthday Massacre- Lover's End

8. Ministry- Everyday Is Halloween

9. Orgy- Fetish

10. Metallica- The Call Of Ktulu

11. Sol Invictus- Stay

12. Theatre Of Tragedy- The Masquerader and Phoenix

13. My Dying Bride- Abandoned As Christ (NEW)

14. My Dying Bride- As Tapestry Scorned (NEW)

15. Virgin Black- Requiem, Kyrie

16. God Module- A Minute To Midnight

17. Wolfsheim- I Don't Love You Anymore

18. Aesthetic Perfection- Schadenfreude

19. Echo And The Bunnymen- Killing Moon

20. Swans- Killing For Company

21. Type O Negative- All Hallows Eve

22. The 69 Eyes- Christina Death

23. Alice Cooper- Black Widow

24. In Flames- Everything Counts

25. Fields Of The Nephilim- For Her Light

26. R.E.M.- World Leader Pretend

27. The Misfits- Halloween

28. Nightingale- Nightfall Overture

29. The Cure- 100 Years

30. Psychlon Nine- Hymn To The Angel's Descent

31. Detroit Diesel- The Game

32. The Birthday Massacre- Horror Show

33. Kittie- Witchhunt

34. Cradle Of Filth- The Twisted Nails Of Faith

35. Nine Inch Nails- Dead Souls

36. Slayer- Dead Skin Mask

37. Iron Maiden- Fear Of The Dark

38. Diary Of Dreams- Amok

39. Diary Of Dreams- Butterfly: Dance!

40. Skinny Puppy- Nature's Revenge

41. Tori Amos- Crucify

42. Type O Negative- Love You To Death

43. White Zombie- Children Of The Grave

44. Missing Persons- The Closer You Get

45. Alien Vampires- Lesbian Nuns Suck Me Dry

46. The Cruxshadows- The Seraphs

47. Illuminate- Du Liebst Mich Nicht

48. Siouxie And The Banshees- Shadowtime

49. Portishead- Scorn

50. Mortician- Chainsaw Dismemberment

51. Aphex Twin- Heliosphere

52. Marilyn Manson- Apple Of Sodom

53. The Cure- From The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea

54. The Misfits- Devil Doll

55. Blutengel- Children Of The Night

56. Mordacious- Reborn

57. VNV Nation- Epicentre

58. Clan Of Xymox- Back Door

59. Psyborg Corp. Technocracy

60. Diorama- Ignite

61. KISS- Cold Gin

62. Epica- Tides Of Time

63. Helloween- Halloween