Metal Mayhem Episode #29 -10/6/12

1. Sonata Arctica- 8th Commandment

2. Hecate Enthroned- The Scarlet Forsaken

3. Draconian- A Phantom Dissonance

4. Accept- This One’s For You

5. Deceased- Fearless Undead Machines

6. Gardenian- Netherworld

7. Gardenian- Two Feet Stand

8. S.O.D.- Kill Yourself

9. Labyrinth- Moonlight

10. Obscura- Desolate Spheres

11. Annihilator- Phoenix Rising

12. Moonsorrow- Aurinko Ja Kuu

13. Odal- War

14. The Haunted- Trespass

15. Graves At Sea- Praise The Witch

16. Deicide- Crucified By Innocence

17. Fear Factory- Self Bias Resistor

18. Tourniquet- Psycho Surgery

19. Morbid Saint- Burned At The Stake

20. Dio- Between Two Hearts

21. Merrimack- Descension From Life

22. Necrophagist- Advanced Corpse Tumor

23. Monstrosity- Devious Instinct

24. Death Angel- Guilty Of Innocence

25. Gamma Ray- Armageddon

26. Anathema- Sleepless

27. Helloween- You Stupid Mankind

28. Turisas- As Torches Rise

29. Hammerfall- Keep The Flame Burning

30. Isole- When All Is Black

31. Angel Witch- Dead Sea Scrolls

32. Rage- Invisible Horizons

33. At The Gates- Blinded By Fear

34. Dimmu Borgir- In Death’s Embrace

35. Metallica- No Remorse

36. Exhumed- Your Funeral, My Feast

37. Sacred Reich-The Way It Is

38. Thy Grief- Twilight Shine Upon Majestic Mountains

39. Witchrist- Shrine Of Skulls

40. Royal Hunt- Judgement Day

41. Demonic Christ- Passing Of The Storms

42. Krallice- IIIIIIII (NEW)

43. Running Wild- The Phantom Of Black Hand Inn

44. Svartahrid- Herskende i Blod

45. Mercenary- Darkspeed

46. Razor- Tortured Skull

47. Blaze Bayley- Watching The Night Sky

48. Deliverance- Flesh And Blood