Metal Mayhem Episode #28 -9/29/12

1. White Skull- Nightmares

2. Aura Noir- Eternally Your Shadow

3. Iron Maiden- Purgatory

4. Muicipal Waste- Intro/Deathripper

5. Gorod- Carved In The Wind (NEW)

6. Converge- Aimless Arrow (NEW)

7. Sinister- Transylvania (NEW)

8. Broken Hope- Auction Of The Dead

9. Callenish Circle- Soul Messiah

10. The Foreshadowing- Reverie Is A Tyrant

11. Achaemenid- As Night Sets On Aryana

12. Krisiun- Ravenous Hordes

13. Hexvessel- Woods To Conjure (NEW)

14. Akercocke- Axiom

15. Metallica- Trapped Under Ice

16. The Crown- Executioner

17. Pyramaze- Souls In Pain

18. Grave- Perimortem (NEW)

19. Obituary- Chopped In Half

20. Lamb Of God- Black Label

21. Anal Cunt- Grateful Dead

22. Eradicator- Evil Twisted Mind

23. Grand Alchemist- Psyche And A Flower To The New Lifetime

24. Morbid Angel- Chapel Of Ghouls

25. Morbid Angel- The Lion's Den

26. Circus Maximus- Architect Of Fortune (NEW)

27. Sheavy- Celestial Hi-Fi

28. Dismember- Where No Ghost Is Holy

29. Europe- Scream Of Anger

30. Europe- Stormwind

31. Wormrot- Deceased Occupation

32. Iron Savior- I've Been To Hell

33. Pain Of Salvation- Beyond The Pale

34. GWAR- Eat Steel

35. A Perfect Circle- Orestes

36. Nightrage- The Tremor

37. Amon Amarth- For Victory Or Death

38. Neoandertals- Diet Of Worms

39. Fimbultyr- Narstrand

40. Graveflower- Rain In Inferno

41. Hate Eternal- Spiritual Holocaust

42. Jag Panzer- Tragedy Of MacBeth

43. Kalmah- Wings Of Blackening

44. Incantation- Shadows Of The Ancient Empire

45. Power Quest- Glory Tonight

46. Pestilence- Synthetic Grotesque

47. Negligent Collateral Collapse- Ecstasy, Herbal Ecstasy

48. Eluveitie- Calling The Rain

49. Desaster- Battle Oath

50. Old Funeral- My Tyrant Grace

51. Mortician- Bloodshed

52. Goatwhore- My Eyes Are The Spears Of Chaos

53. Opeth- To Bid You Farewell