Metal Mayhem Episode #25 -9/8/12

1. Cryptopsy- Red-Skinned Scapegoat (NEW)

2. Unleashed- The Soil Of Our Fathers (NEW)

3. Evergrey- The Masterplan

4. Heathen- Hypnotized

5. Carach Angren- Lingering In An Imprint Haunting (NEW)

6. Rhapsody Of Fire- Triumph For My Magic Steel

7. Finntroll- Skogens Hamnd

8. Pathology- Eviscerated Human Torso

9. Metallica- Fixxer

10. Ancient Rites- Fatherland

11. Megadeth- In My Darkest Hour

12. Nachtmystium- I Wait In Hell (NEW)

13. Bloodbath- The Ascension

14. Striker- Land Of The Lost

15. Windir- Todeswalzer

16. Witchfinder General- Free Country

17. Arch/Matheos- On The Fence

18. Sylvan Realm- Temple Of Not

19. Death- Voice Of The Soul

20. Death- Lack Of Comprehension

21. Vital Remains- Behold The Throne Of Chaos

22. Old Man's Child- My Kingdom Will Come

23. Silent Force- Once Again

24. Gorguts- Das Martyrium Des...

25. In Flames- Enter Tragedy

26. Anthrax- Burst

27. Dark Tranquillity- Zodijackyl Light

28. Emperor- I Am The Black Wizards

29. Stream Of Passion- Passion

30. W.A.S.P.- Sleeping (In The Fire)

31. W.A.S.P.- Tormentor

32. Dodsferd- You Called It Resurrection, I Call It A Fairytale For Humans, Your Kind!

33. Dangerous Toys- Teas'n, Pleas'n

34. All Shall Perish- Songs For The Damned

35. Scorpions- Coming Home

36. Vader- Silent Empire

37. Solitude Aeturnus- Together We Wither

38. Angelcorpse- Extermination Sworn

39. Primal Fear- Seven Seals

40. Repulsion- Radiation Sickness

41. Enthroned- When Horny Flames Begin To Rise

42. Soilwork- Razorlives

43. Impaled Nazarene- Angel Rectums Under Attack

44. Wintersun- Death And The Healing

45. Gothmog- The Age Of Thought

46. Intestinal Alien Reflux- Internal Decapitation

47. Nuclear Assault- Nightmares

48. Children Of Bodom- Downfall

49. Urn- Blood Of The Desecrators

50. Cage- Metal Devil

51. Cradle Of Filth- Dusk And Her Embrace