Metal Mayhem Episode #24 -9/1/12

1. Testament- True American Hate (NEW)

2. Machine Head- I Am Hell

3. Neuraxis- The Apex

4. Enslaved- Thoughts Like Hammers (NEW)

5. Bornholm- ...On The Way Of The Hunting Moon

6. Dark Moor- Beyond The Fire

7. Circle Of Dead Children- Starve, Beg, Die

8. Circle Of Dead Children- Shadow Of The Narcissist

9. Pentagram- Broken Vows

10. Paradise Lost- Honesty And Death

11. Nile- The Fiends Who Come To Steal the Magick Of The Deceased (NEW)

12. Metallica- My Friend Of Misery

13. Into Eternity- Out

14. Sturmkaiser- Warangel

15. Dying Fetus- Second Skin (NEW)

16. Sonata Arctica- Full Moon (Live)

17. Forgotten Woods- Dimension Of The Blackest Dark

18. Katatonia- Lethean (NEW)

19. Cannibal Corpse- Caged... Contorted

20. Woods Of Ypres- Finality

21. Queensryche- No Sanctuary

22. Queensryche- Anybody Listening?

23. Death- Empty Words

24. Iron Maiden- Judas Be My Guide

25. Face Of Oblivion- The Dissection

26. Ghost- Ritual

27. Crimson Glory- Angels Of War

28. Judas Priest- Better By You, Better Than Me

29. Kreator- From Flood Into Fire (NEW)

30. Swallow The Sun- This Cut's The Deepest

31. Morbid Angel- Summoning Redemption

32. Drowning The Light- Fading Rays Of The Sun

33. Iced Earth- Ten Thousand Strong

34. Tristania- Heritique

35. Slayer- Hallowed Point

36. White Lion- Lady Of The Valley

37. Shadows Fall- Save Your Soul

38. Napalm Death- A Gag Reflex

39. Novembre- Conservatory Resonance

40. Goatmoon- Immortals Winter

41. Skeletonwitch- Soul Thrashing Black Sorcery

42. Horna- Vihan Tie

43. Fates Warning- Damnation

44. Helloween- Keeper Of The Seven Keys