Metal Mayhem Episode #22 -4/21/12

1. Metallica- Battery

2. Soilwork- Two Lives Worth Of Reckoning

3. In The Woods... - The Divinity Of Wisdom

4. Machine Head- This Is The End

5. AC/DC- Let Me Put My Love Into You

6. Death- Perennial Quest

7. Opeth- Benighted

8. Dark Tranquillity- Terminus (Where Death Is Most Alive)

9. Deicide- The Truth Above

10. Internal Suffering- Cosmic Ancient Mountain

11. Dream Theater- Outcry

12. Vehemence- She Never Noticed Me

13. Motorhead- Rock N' Roll

14. Helloween- King For 1000 Years

15. Sadus- Safety In Numbers

16. Paradise Lost- Over The Madness

17. Wolverine- Your Favorite War

18. Woods Of Ypres- Kiss My Ashes (Goodbye)/Finality

19. Arch Enemy- Silent Wars

20. Keep Of Kalessin- The Black Uncharted

21. Sabbat- Witchflight

22. Nile- Serpent Headed Mask

23. 3 Inches Of Blood- Leather Lord

24. Root- Darksome Prophet

25. Azaghal- In Deathlike Silence

26. Spawn Of Possession- Servitude Of Souls

27. Pact- The Flowers Of Evil

28. Pentagram- Vampyre Love

29. Sathanas- Hammer Of Demons

30. Symphony X- Children Of A Faceless God

31. Blasphemy- Blasphemous Attack

32. Abriosis- Eye Of The Raven/Mind Of The Wolf

33. Equilibrium- Dammerung

34. Diabulus In Musica- Sceneries Of Hope

35. Furia- Sa To Kola

36. Heidevolk- Als De Dood Weer Naar Ons Lacht

37. Onslaught- Fight With The Beast

38. Morbid- My Dark Subconscious

39. Visions Of Atlantis- Melancholia

40. Lizzy Borden- Save Me

41. Svartsot- Om Jeg Lever Veg

42. Thulcandra- Black Flags Of Hate

43. Xandria- Blood On My Hands

44. Sargeist- Sargeist