Metal Mayhem Episode #21 -4/14/12

1. Crimson Glory- Lonely

2. Edge Of Sanity- Elegy

3. Swallow The Sun- Hope

4. October Tide- 12 Days Of Rain

5. Tiamat- The Ar

6. Broken Hope- Fetching Vampires

7. Mortician- Intro/Gateway To Beyond

8. Limbonic Art- When Mind And Flesh Departs

9. Pantera- Cemetery Gates

10. Heaven's Gate- Gate Of Heaven

11. Septic Flesh- The Eyes Of Set

12. Benediction- I Bow To None

13. Embalmer- Rotten Body Fluids

14. Deaden- Skin Of Sores

15. Pain Of Salvation- Iter Impius

16. Cream Abdul Babar- Specialization Is For Insects

17. Solitude Aeturnus- Haunting The Obscure

18. Skyclad- The Sky Beneath Me Feet

19. Suicidal Tendencies- How Will I Laugh Tomorrow?

20. Sentenced- Killing You, Killing Me

21. Morgana Lefay- Why?

22. Stratovarius- We Hold The Key

23. Agalloch- Falling Snow

24. Blaze Of Perdition- Speak Of Me Not

25. Destruction- The Heretic

26. Throneum- In Blasphemy

27. Wintersun- Winter Madness

28. Besatt- Towards The Abyss

29. Ensiferum- Deathbringer From The Sky

30. Children Of Bodom- Children Of Decadence

31. The 11th Hour- Bury Me

32. Terrorizer- Ignorance And Apathy

33. Tulus- Cyprianus

34. Iced Earth- V

35. Alcest- Faiseurs De Mondes

36. Kvist- Ars Manifesti

37. Power Quest- Rising Anew

38. Strid- Nattevandrig

39. Katatonia- Brave

40. Opeth- Wreath

41. Marduk- Wacht Am Rhein: Drumbeats Of Death

42. Aborted- Grime

43. Secrets Of The Moon- Blood Into Wine

44. Moonspell- Alpha Noir

45. Tyr- Hall Of Freedom