Metal Mayhem Episode #19 -3/17/12

1. Primordial- Sons Of The Morrigan

2. Megadeth- Die Dead Enough

3. The Faceless- Planetary Duality II: A Prophecies Fruition

4. Novembre- Triesteitaliana

5. Darkane- Layer Of Lies

6. Lamb of God- To The End (NEW)

7. The Gathering- In Motion #2

8. God Dethroned- Serpent King

9. Vital Remains- Dechristianize

10. Moonspell- Love Crimes

11. Overkill- Electric Rattlesnake (NEW)

12. Paradise Lost- Crucify (NEW)

13. Anthrax- One Man Stands

14. Kreator- Replicas Of Life

15. Woods Of Ypres- Adora Vivos

16. Woods Of Ypres- Death Is Not An Exit

17. Woods Of Ypres- Career Suicide (Is Not Real Suicide)

18. Behemoth- Natural Born Philosopher

19. Spawn Of Possession- Where Angels Go, Demons Follow (NEW)

20. Iron Savior- Starlight

21. Gamma Ray- Rebellion In Dreamland

22. Today Is The Day- Temple Of The Morning Star

23. Origin- Swarm

24. Pig Destroyer- Girl In A Slayer Jacket

25. Maniac Killer- Hypnotic Gore

26. Wormrot- Erased Existence

27. Carnal Diafragma- Last Day Of Our Lives

28. Devourment- Unleash The Carnivores

29. Drudkh- When Gods Leave Their Emerald Halls (NEW)

30. Condemned- Fixation On Suffering

31. Celtic Legacy- Live By The Sword

32. Borknagar- Frostrite (NEW)

33. Decrepit Birth- The Infestation

34. Blasphemer- Cloaca Of Iniquity

35. Naglfar- Come Perdition (NEW)

36. Altar Of Plagues- All Life Converges To Some Centre

37. Decapitated- Symmetry Of Zero

38. Putrid Pile- Bodies On Display

39. Heinrichreich- Green Fields Of Hibernia

40. The Devastated- Drip Drip (NEW)

41. Internal Suffering- Chaotic Matrix (Onward To Termination)

42. Decimation- Sardonic Equilibrium Decree Humiliating Imkhullu

43. Geasa- The Last One On Earth

44. Napalm Death- Errors In The Signals (NEW)

45. Caliban- No Tomorrow (NEW)

46. Thirst Of Revenge- Devouring Human Scum

47. Necrotic Disgorgement- Suffocation In Shrinkwrap

48. Asphyx- Of Days When Blades Turned Blunt (NEW)

49. Cruachan- The Voyage Of Bran

50. Defeated Sanity- Prelude To The Tragedy

51. Mael Mordha- A Path To Glory

52. Cannibal Corpse- Demented Aggression (NEW)