Metal Mayhem Episode #17 -3/3/12

1. Modus Delicti- Family Dinner

2. Bloodsoaked- No God

3. Brutal Truth- I See Red

4. October Falls- IV

5. Judas Priest- Dreamer Deceiver

6. Tombs- Bloodletters

7. From Autumn To Ashes- Everything I Need

8. Angra- Nothing To Say

9. Trap Them- Saintpeelers

10. In Flames- Sounds Of A Playground Fading

11. Cryptopsy- Cold Hate, Warm Blood

12. Edguy- Nailed To The Wheel

13. Insision- Before My Altar

14. Fates Warning- A Pleasant Shade Of Grey

15. Cannibal Corpse- Frantic Disembowelment

16. My Dying Bride- The Deepest Of All Hearts

17. Immortal- The Rise Of Darkness

18. Diabolical Masquerade- Walk Of The Hunchbacked

19. Demiricous- Vagrant Idol

20. Melechesh- Emissaries

21. Isafjord- The Devil's Own

22. Krisiun- Ominous

23. Destroyer 666- I Am The Wargod

24. Immolation- Failures For Gods

25. Morgoth- Unreal Imagination

26. Carcass- Edge Of Darkness

27. Averse Sefira- Rift Between Two Worlds

28. Shadows Fall- This Is My Own

29. Frost- Thus Let The Light Shine

30. Hate- Erased

31. Demonic- His Eyes Burn Hate

32. Judas Priest- Ram It Down

33. Sarcofago- Satanas

34. Vintersorg- Isjungfrun

35. Kult Ov Azazel- Crown Of Fire

36. Mortem- Agonized To Suicide

37. Naglfar- Force Of Pandemonium

38. Possessed- Death Metal

39. While Heaven Wept- In Aeternum

40. Suffocation- Brood Of Hatred