Metal Mayhem Episode #16 -2/25/12

1. Garden Of Shadows- Twilight Odyssey

2. Lost Horizon- Sworn In The Metal Wind

3. Naglfar- Through The Midnight Spheres

4. Six Feet Under- Mass Murder Rampage

5. Fuck The Facts- What's Left Behind

6. Life Of Agony- Through And Through

7. Kataklysm- The Awakener

8. Slayer- Gemini

9. Putrid Pile- Severed Head Memento

10. Converge- Orphaned

11. Genghis Tron- Laser Bitch

12. Himsa- Send Down Your Reign

13. Seth- Into The Spheres Of Spirituality

14. Reign Supreme- And Come What May

15. Absu- Swords And Leather

16. Gorgoroth- The Rite Of Infernal Invocation

17. Sonata Arctica- 8th Commandment

18. Foetopsy- Reduced To Minced Scraps

19. Marduk- Untrodden Path (Wolves Pt. II)

20. Agoraphobic Nosebleed- Landfills Of Extinct Possibility

21. Neaera- Let The Tempest Come

22. Integrity- Hatred Of The World

23. Watain- Legions Of The Black Light

24. Napalm Death- Continuing War On Stupidity

25. As I Lay Dying- Meaning In Tragedy

26. Retch- Abdominal Pillaging

27. Helloween- The Saints

28. The Black Dahlia Murder- The Window

29. Bathory- Flash Of The Silverhammer

30. Old Man's Child- War Of Fidelity

31. Into Eternity- Nothing

32. Entombed- Sinners Bleed

33. Hades Almighty- Nighttime Endurance

34. Lizzy Borden- Rod Of Iron

35. Acheron- Out Of Body

36. Gorgoroth- Prayer

37. Kataklysm- Mould In A Breed

38. Impaled Nazarene- Mushroom Truth

39. Kamelot- When The Lights Are Down

40. Enslaved- Eit Auga Til Mimir

41. Cryptopsy- Pathological Frolic

42. At The Gates- Through Gardens Of Grief

43. Ihsahn- Austere

44. Dismember- Of Fire

45. Demoncy- Ascension Of A Star Long Since Fallen

46. Borknagar- Liberated

47. Amon Amarth- The Arrival Of The Fimbul Winter

48. Children Of Bodom- Final Countdown