Metal Mayhem Episode #14: "Black Valentine's Day Special" -2/11/12

1. Sol Invictus- The Killing Tide

2. Bethlehem- Gestern Starb Ich Schon Heute

3. Theatre Of Tragedy- Black As The Devil Painteth

4. Swans- Why Are We Alive?

5. Krohm- The Waning

6. Joy Division- Love Will Tear Us Apart

7. Enslaved- Vetranott

8. Agalloch- Kneel To The Cross (Sol Invictus Cover)

9. Type O Negative- Anesthesia

10. Depeche Mode- Stripped

11. Primordial- Dark Song

12. Atrocity- Love Is Dead

13. My Dying Bride- The Cry Of Mankind

14. Ministry- Just One Fix

15. Abigor- Weeping Midwinter Tears

16. Anathema- Forgotten Hopes

17. Paradise Lost- Fader

18. Skinny Puppy- Warlock

19. Red Sparowes- Alone And Unaware, The Landscape Was Transformed In Front Of Our Eyes

20. Woods Of Ypres- Intro: The Looming Of Dust In The Dark And The Illumination

21. Besatt- Mad Minds

22. ColdWorld- My Dead Bride

23. Crimson Moon- Kingdom Of Shadows

24. Blut Aus Nord- The Fall Chapter 1

25. Mysticum- In Your Grave

26. Abyssic Hate- Human Despair

27. Archgoat- Passage To Millennial Darkness

28. Funeral Mist- Across The Qliphoth

29. Black Funeral- The Crimson Dragon

30. Hell Militia- Goatthrone

31. Cirith Gorgor- Arcane Illusion

32. Horna- Wikinger

33. Moonblood- In A Bloody Night Of Fullmoon

34. Mutiilation- Born Under The Master's Spell

35. Pest- Final Strike Of Doom

36. Deathspell Omega- The Victory Of Impurity

37. Ravenskull- Eclats De Solitude

38. Beastcraft- Beastcraft Manifest

39. Sarkom- Bloodstains On The Horns

40. Tulus- Tjern

41. Savnock- I

42. Judas Iscariot- Spill The Blood Of The Lamb

43. Vargsang- Cursed By Hatred And Death

44. The Cure- Apart