Metal Mayhem Episode #13 -2/4/12

1. Decapitated- Spheres Of Madness

2. Emperor- Ye Entrancemperium

3. Stratovarius- Infinity

4. Necrotic Disgorgement- Defecation Delicacy

5. Between The Buried And Me- White Walls

6. Immolation- A Kingdom Divided

7. Sigh- Curse Of Izanagi

8. Maudlin Of The Well- Bizarre Flowers/A Violent Mist

9. Dark Tranquillity- In My Absence

10. Nasum- Worst Case Scenario

11. Atomizer- For Blackness Absolute

12. Evergrey- When Darkness Falls

13. Isis- So Did We

14. Blind Guardian- Valhalla

15. Blind Guardian- Mordred's Song

16. Opeth- Demon Of The Fall

17. Motorhead- Stone Dead Forever

18. Rise & Fall- Lost Among The Lost

19. Guttural Secrete- Ejaculating Obesity

20. Katatonia- Journey Through Pressure

21. Saxon- Afterburner

22. Iced Earth- Damien

23. Arch Enemy- Taking Back My Soul

24. Cage- The Edge

25. Deicide- From Darkness Come

26. Dying Fetus- Nothing Left To Pray For

27. 3 Inches Of Blood- Deadly Sinners

28. Astriaal- Ritual Hate Construct

29. Demons & Wizards- The Whistler

30. Bloodbath- Mouth Of Empty Praise

31. Cadaveria- The Dream

32. Dimmu Borgir- The Sacrilegious Scorn

33. Gorguts- Condemned To Obscurity

34. Lamb Of God- Laid To Rest

35. Great White- House Of Broken Love

36. Kreator- Voices Of The Dead

37. Nightwish- She Is My Sin

38. Ozzy Osbourne- Suicide Solution (Live)

39. Satyricon- Black Lava

40. Megadeth- Back In The Day

41. In Flames- Come Clarity

42. Cradle Of Filth- Cemetery And Sundown

43. Rotting Christ- If It Ends Tomorrow

44. Brainstorm- Inside The Monster

45. Judas Priest- Diamonds And Rust (Live)