Metal Mayhem Episode #11 -1/21/12

1. Metallica- Orion

2. Dark Tranquillity- Punish My Heaven

3. Immortal- In My Kingdom Cold

4. Meshuggah- Vanished

5. Sinister- Altruistic Suicide

6. Keep Of Kalessin- Ascendant

7. Into Eternity- Time Immemorial

8. Deadlock- Code Of Honor

9. Blind Guardian- Journey Into The Dark

10. Cathedral- Electric Grave

11. Cephalic Carnage- When I Arrive

12. Morbid Angel- Nothing But Fear

13. Helloween- Falling Higher

14. Helloween- My Life For One More Day

15. Rage- No Lies

16. Mercenary- 11 Dreams

17. My Dying Bride- I Cannot Be Loved

18. Wolves In The Throne Room- Behold The Vastness And Sorrow

19. Akercocke- Shelter From The Sand

20. Decrepit Birth- A Gathering Of Imaginations

21. Ragnarok- Murder

22. Anaal Nathrakh- Der Hölle Rache Kocht In Meinem Herzen

23. Katatonia- Relention

24. Testament- Alone In The Dark

25. Beneath The Massacre- Regurgitated Lullaby For Those Born Dead

26. Amesoeurs- Les Ruches Malades

27. Children Of Bodom- Silent Night, Bodom Night

28. Anorexia Nervosa- Drudenhaus Anthem

29. Epica- Blank Infinity

30. Devourment- Shroud Of Encryption

31. Sodom- Blood On Your Lips

32. Kamelot- Black Halo

33. Hypocrisy- Weed Out The Weak

34. Finntroll- Ellytres

35. Behemoth- Shemhamforash

36. Arcturus- Nightmare Heaven

37. Angelcorpse- Stormgods Unbound

38. Bathory- Return Of The Darkness And Evil

39. Motorhead- No Class

40. Malevolent Creation- Kill Zone

41. Satyricon- Black Crow On A Tombstone

42. Iron Maiden- For The Greater Good Of God

43. Virgin Black- And The Kiss Of God's Mouth Pt. 1 & 2

44. Black Sabbath- Die Young