Metal Mayhem Episode #1: "Classic Black Metal" -10/1/11


1. Taake- Doedskvad I

2. Bathory- A Fine Day To Die

3. Sarcofago- I.N.R.I.

4. Darkthrone- Transylvanian Hunger

5. Nokturnal Mortum- Black Moon Overture

6. Satyricon- Mother North

7. Mayhem- Freezing Moon

8. Gorgoroth- Carving A Giant

9. Immortal- A Perfect Vision Of The Rising Northland

10. Nargaroth- Amarok: Zorn Des Lammes III

11. Dissection- Unhallowed

12. Carpathian Forest- It's Darker Than You Think

13. Ulver- Hymn I: Wolf And Fear

14. Arcturus- Du Nordavind

15. Bethlehem- Schatten Aus Der Alexander Welt

16. Burzum- Ea, Lord of the Depths

17. Dimmu Borgir- Alt Lys Er Svunnet Hen

18. Dodheimsgard- The Crystal Specter

19. Xasthur- May Your Void Be As Dark As My Hate

20. Emperor- I Am The Black Wizards